I’m so excited to share the reveal of Anastasia’s living room. To get some background on the project check our fireplace DIY post here. Anastasia and her husband Josh had just bought their first home and were thrilled to be able to make it their own after bouncing around between renting and living with family over the last few years and I was even MORE thrilled to be able to surprise Anastasia with a full room makeover that she had no idea was coming. Anastasia is cut from the same homebody cloth as me and I know how much home means to her so I wanted to give her the gift of at least one space feeling finished as we all know it takes a lot of time to collect pieces for your first home.

Here is a look back at what we started with.

She lived like this, basically an empty room for months, as she started collecting pieces here and there. She has such great style and a really good eye. Many times she would text me pieces she found on craigslist and say “do we love these?” and almost always the answer was yes. She found a dining table, entry console, coffee table, side tables, accent chairs all on the cheap (I think the dining table was even free), and once all of those pieces were collected I turned to Lulu & Georgia to help me finish off the space. Here is how it all unfolded in Anastasia’s words:

Anastasia: After we completed our fireplace, I was ready to paint the ceiling beams. They were original to the house, and I didn’t mind the warmth of the wood, but they had a shine that made them look fake. Plus, the ceiling was a yellowy cream that reminded me of the color of the walls in a smoker’s house. Terrible.

I was ready to go all white to freshen and brighten up the room.

How hard could it be to paint a ceiling, right? You just need a ladder. Haha! It took way longer than I thought and was a lot more complicated. Josh basically did the whole thing. And that’s why it looks so good 🙂

After the ceiling, I felt pretty content. We slowly were collecting furniture. Everything either found on Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, or thrifted. It was a slow collection of treasures. A sofa seemed to be the hardest to find. We were ok with just two chairs, but I longed to have the room feel complete.

Enter: Sarah + Lulu and Georgia.

Sarah had teamed up with Lulu and Georgia to surprise me with my dream room. I have never, ever, been that surprised in my life. Then I found out Josh had been in on the surprise the whole time! He had known for months what Sarah had planned. So every time I came to him with another piece of furniture I wanted to buy, he somehow had to make an excuse why we shouldn’t buy it because he KNEW what was coming!

Sarah (of course) worked all of my found treasures into the new furniture. It is the perfect mix of old and new.

For the first few weeks, Josh and I would just sit in the room and stare. In awe, this was really our house.



Rug by Sarah Sherman Samuel for Lulu & Georgia // Sofa by Lulu & Georgia // Coffee table vintage -find similar here)// Swivel chair from Lulu & Georgia // Side chairs vintage – find similar here // wall sconce from Lulu & Georgia // Dining table is vintage – similar here // Dining chairs from Lulu & Georgia // Console table is vintage // Art by Sarah Sherman Samuel // Candlesticks // Bowl from Shop Oatmeal // Checkerboard Bolster Pillow by Sarah Sherman Samuel for Lulu & Georgia (releasing early 2022)

Photos by Amy Carroll 

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