arch-beach6Let’s talk family photos, shall we? Being the overzealous avid picture taker, I figured I would have tons of photos of Archer growing up, which of course I do on my iPhone but I have only taken out my good camera to shoot him a total of three times. PATHETIC! The iPhone is obviously super convenient and probably way better quality photos than I had of myself growing up but this year, I am making the resolution to take more quality photos of A and try and capture a few more moments/faces like this one…

arch-beachBecause let’s face it, the days can be slow but the years fly by and already he has changed so much since this mini family session we had last month… 

arch-beach2arch-beach3arch-beach4arch-beach7arch-beach8arch-beach9arch-beach5I’d love to hear how how you document your family and how often or thoughts on family photos in general. Why is it so hard to get everyone in the photo? …and I only have one kid! Even these photos probably would have never happened if the photographer didn’t ask if she could shoot us and I am SO glad she did. Definitely some sweet moments and silly Archer faces to cherish.

You can see more photos from this shoot on 100 layer cakelet!

Images by alissa noelle photography 

  • These are some beautiful family photos!

  • Cami

    black sweater details please!! <3

    • sarah

      Hi Cami! The sweater I am wearing is actually Rupert’s! haha It is at least 10 years old and doesn’t have a label. Sorry! He was actually wearing it the night we met!

    • cami

      ohhh i love that!!! 🙂 what a great story!

  • Sara

    Gorgeous! Where did you pick up the awesome throw?

    • sarah

      From anthro! I just looked to see if I could find it but looks like it’s sold out.

  • I love this photoshoot – I do take a lot of pictures with my Iphone. Thanks to my blog, I also have to take pictures with my normal camera (either compact or DSLR), and have a few good ones from that. Our family portrait is once a year since we got married with a proper photographer. I make a point of organising it.. and believe it is all worth it. I just lost my son (very unexpectedly), and our last photoshoot was with him, 2 weeks before he left us (I was quite late to organise this photoshoot), it will be our only family portrait with him – worth all the gold in the world. So yes, family portrait by proper photographer is totally worthwhile.

    • sarah

      Hi nat,
      Ah thank you for sharing. I couldn’t help but tear up reading your comment. I know we don’t know each other but I’m So sorry for your loss. I don’t have the right words to say but sending you a hug from one mother to another.

      And you’re right, family photos are so worthwhile. I think I’ll adopt your ideal And start the tradition of a once yearly photo session, possibly around a random holiday like Presidents’ Day or something so whenever it comes, I know to organize a shoot.

    • Thanks for your kind words. Sorry I did not mean to upset you, just highlight the importance of photography. I try to schedule ours around our wedding anniversary – although it is usually a reminder I have not scheduled it now!

  • he is seriously so adorable! i mean, his eyes! and i have a hard time myself, getting behind the camera. I have a photo stream specifically for pics of Zano, which my family subscribes, and are less picture perfect than I prefer to take. I wish my iphone worked as well as my SLR!

  • In love with these photos! You have a BEAUTIFUL family.
    xo Taylor |

  • Stacy

    This boy breaks my heart!
    As a mom to a 2 year old blondie boy with blue eyes myself, I think I’m biased, ha ha!
    Beautiful photos x

  • Danielle

    These pictures are beautiful. I have a four month old daughter and I always said I didn’t want a proper family portrait because they feel so staged and phoney. These pictures are much more beautiful that most of the candid shots I’ve been taking, but they look so natural.

    How can you find a photographer that can make that happen? So far, I’ve tried googling “non cheesy” photography. Any other suggestions?

    Thank you Sarah!

    • sarah

      Haha Danielle, the struggle is real. 😉 not sure where you are located but I find a lot of photographers through the wedding site Even on their wedding site if you scroll through engagement sessions or weddings and see a style of photos you like then take a peek at who the photographer is. I think you can even search photographers by location, through the vendor search. Most listed on there will definitely be the non cheesy type. 🙂 good luck!

  • I love these photos, Sarah! The first one of Archer is too adorable–what a sweet face!

  • Emma

    Love these photos and all of your updates!

    Can I be vain and ask how you do your hair, it always looks effortlessly put together.

    And also I’m just about to have our second child and it’d be great to know of some ‘recent’ can’t do without things (bottles, essentials etc) – it feels like everything has changed alot in the past 4 years, ha!

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